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Views and opinions on the new Trinity Centre from the people of Leeds.


Top ten cafe’s in Leeds


By far my favourite cafe in Leeds is Popina’s. It is the smallest most student filled cafe I have ever come across, yet the food is the tastiest and I believe the most value for money. With a large breakfast coming to only £4.60 and a large sandwich of your choice being £2.70, there is something for everyone. Popina’s is in the center of Hyde Park so there is no surprise that it is filled with students every day, however the service is prompt and there is never much wait for a table. With indoor and outdoor seating, the cafe is suitable for the off chance that it’s a sunny day, or whenever a breath of fresh air is needed with your bacon bap.

Oranaise Cafe is a beautiful place also situated on Headingley Lane. The decor is magical with patterned rugs and lamps, and the music creates a very chilled vibe, especially as it is not very busy in the day. With the Mediterranean style food, it may not be suitable for everyone, but I found the mix of salads delicious. There is also a restaurant upstairs which I have not year been to but I assume it will be just as nice as cafe beneath it.

La Cafetiere is another cafe that I have only been to once. I went in for a drink with my friends one morning before walking into town. It is situated on Headingley Lane and does not exactly stick out amongst the other cafe’s and shops around it. The cafe was pleasant enough and offered a range of food and drinks, however, I had no desire to go back there after I had been once and I believe that there are other cafes in the area that are more appealing.

If anyone suddenly develops a sweet tooth, I would direct them to the Love Rouge Bakery in Headingley. It is perhaps the sweetest little place, I have ever been in with a huge range of cakes and treats to choose from, no one can resist. With the average cupcake coming to under £2.50, the price is very affordable and the shop is also situated in a very accessible area for anyone living in the center of Leeds.

Cafe Centro is a place that I used to visit in my first year of University as it was on my walk home. The cafe is very quaint and quiet, yet offers lovely food at a good price. A full english breakfast with tea or coffee comes to only £4.50 and there are a range of other foods on the menu, the majority of which are under £5. Centro also offers a student breakfast, making the most of its location and the constant stream of students walking past it. This is a cafe I would recommend to anyone wanting a little treat on the way to uni in the morning.

The San co. co cafe, is in the center of town next door to Primark, so is great for anybody shopping who wants a little coffee break. I have only been in there once when looking for cafe’s for this review, however I was pleasantly surprised by the warm, cosy inside. I was also very happy with the price as a bought a sandwich meal deal for only £3.99 (which was delicious) and my friend chose a muffin from the range of cakes and treats they offer. I will definitely be going in here again the next time I’m in town.

The Clockhouse cafe is somewhere I have been to on a number of occasions as it is close to where I live and not too expensive. It is just opposite Hyde Park pub on Headingley Lane. A large breakfast and a drink comes to just over £5, with 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 eggs, 1 hash brown, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast. It is definitely worth the money. However, I find myself not going too often due to the service being quite slow, and the cafe being very small and usually cramped. I would recommend the Clockhouse cafe to people, as long as it’s not on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Another lovely cafe I have been to whilst living in Leeds is the Sunshine Bakery. I happened to cross it by chance on the way back from a friend’s house and I’m glad I did. There were the sweetest cupcakes that I have ever seen as well as sandwiches and soup to choose from for a proper lunch. Again, this cafe was quite prices and quite out of the way from the center of Leeds, however, if you’re ever passing by then it is definitely worth going in for a treat.

Pickles and Potter Deli cafe is situated in the Queens Arcade in the center of Leeds, and it makes one of the finest sandwiches I have ever tasted. The Piri Piri chicken favorite comes bursting with flavour as does the roast beef option. Also on the menu is a variety of salads, cakes and drinks to choose from. The only thing that lets this cafe down is the fact that it is quite pricey and you have to pay extra if you want to eat inside. A roast ham sandwich is £3.70, yet it is $4.60 if you would like to eat in. However, if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash and want a delicious lunch, head to Pickles and Potter.

Peach and Pear Cafe, is a halal cafe on the edge of Hyde Park. It is very reasonably priced and offers a wide range of food, from beans on toast to halal beef burgers and chips. Peach and Pear also overs a full breakfast with a turkey substitute for bacon for £4.50. I find the best aspect about this cafe is that the service always comes with a smile and the people who work at Peach and Pear always try to cater for everybody’s needs.

Can intense exercise cause strokes?

How much exercise is good for you?

NHS guidelines advise that adults aged 19 and over that are generally fit and have no heart conditions should aim to do around 150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week. This includes, fast walking, cycling, aerobics and other active sports. American cardiologists, James O’Keefe and Carl Lavie, writing in the journal heart last year, recommended limiting work outs to 30 – 50 minutes a day. They stated that marathons and triathlons should only be done occasionally, adding that intense exercise for more than an hour or two can stretch, tear and scar the heart and cause rhythm abnormalities. They cited research that tracked the heart health of 50 000 people over 30 years, the 14000 runner in the study were likely to live longer than those who did no exercise, but ony if they ran between 5 and 20 miles, not more. Most health advice usually focuses on simple, moderate levels of exercise which raises the heart level and leaves you feeling slightly out of breath. Jogging, cycling and swimming are all good forms of moderate exercise.

Did intense exercise cause Andrew Marr to have a stroke?

Andrew Marr, a 53 year old TV presentor and journalist, blamed his life threatening stroke on overwork and an intense rowing machine session the night before. Marr said that he followed the advice to ‘take very intense exercise in short bursts in order to keep fit… I went on the rowing machine and gave it everything I had, and had a strange feeling afterwards – a blinding headache and flashes of light, I served the family meal and then went to bed, then woke up the next morning lying on the floor unable to move.’ Marr went on to say that he would be wary of rowing machines or at least being too enthusiastic on them. Although moderate exercise is undoubteldy better than no exercise, experts are beginning to warn that excessive, sustained and unsupervised exercise can cause problems. Nevertheless, Andrew Marr did also say that he was overworked, and due to stress being a contributing factor to strokes, his stroke cannot only be blamed on exercise.

Is it unusual for men Andrew Marr’s age to have a stroke?

Strokes are uncommon, but certainly not rare in men in their fifties, like Andrew Maar. Whilst the majority of stokes happen in people over the age of 65, around one in four strokes occur in people under the age of 65. Blood pressure is the main risk factor for strokes as the arteries in the brain are weakened due to excess pressure, causing them to split or rupture. Other common causes include smoking, being overweight, drinking excess amounts of alcohol, stress and lack of excercise. The factor of lack of exercise highlights how exercise is important when considering a persons health, however not always in excess, only in moderation.

What do experts say about Adrew Maar’s stroke?

Nikki Hill, deputy director of communications for the Stroke Association, said: “We are delighted to see Mr Marr back on our screens. “Regular exercise is an important factor in stroke prevention and recovery. We have heard that some activities like vigorous exercise can sometimes cause blood vessels to burst. We need more research on the underlying factors that might make that happen. We do know that high blood pressure itself is the single biggest cause of stroke.”

How can I reduce my stroke risk?

The best way to reduce your risk of stroke is to eat a healthy diet regularly, stop smoking, avoid drinking too much and take part in moderate exercise. Having a healthy weight reduces your chances of developiong a high blood pressure. If you are recovering from a stroke, you should discuss possible exercise plans with your rehabilitation team. Exercise should be impossible for the first few weeks or months after a stroke but you should be able to begin exercising once your rehabilitation has progressed.

MTV Movie Awards best dressed!


Some of the hottest celebrities were gathered in one place last night for the MTV Movie Awards, giving us a sneak peak at their glamorous red carpet outfits. Selena Gomez and Emma Watson were two of the many celebrities pulling out all of the style stops. Award winning Emma Watson stunned the crowds, wearing a summery Maxime Simoens dress with some sky high Proenza Schouler heels. The 22 year old star was presented an award by actor Eddie Redmayne for her amazing performance in Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Kim Kardashian was glowing whilst proudly showing of her baby bump in an all black Saint Laurent Dress, matched with Dior heels. The soon mother-to-be, rocked the red carpet with a natural beauty look, complete with long dark eyelashes and warm highlights which coordinated well with the sexy black minidress. 

Bella Thorne broke traditions, looking flawless when she traded in a gown for a nude coloured trouser suit and gold shoes by Giorgio Armani. The colour of the suit complimented her pale skin and red hair, which was tied back into a stylish plait.

Kerry Washington stood out in her bold and powerful black and orange floor length dress whilst Selena Gomez went for a super short, super stunning tassled glittery mini dress by Julien MacDonald.

Takeover… Cara Delevingne style!


The name that seems to be on everybody’s lips at the moment is Cara Delevingne… She is dominating all aspects of the fashion industry with her quirky, captivating look, and it’s not surprising that she is sprawled over the cover of every magazine with her usual striking pose. Staring in adverts for Burberry and Chanel and walking big name runways such as Marc Jacobs and Oscar de la Renta, the natural beauty is taking her takeover a step further and trademarking her name and has also registered her own company, cara&co!

The 21 year old party girl is regularly seen with best friend Rita Ora and fellow model, Jourdan Dunn. The three were spotted together at London Fashion Week, with Cara and Jourdan doing the Harlem Shake back stage at Topshop Unique.

Cara doing the Harlem Shake…YouTube

Checking out the style: Leeds fashion blogs

Leeds high street, fashion central! Photo by Sebastian Heroiu

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of fashion is the writing behind it. Without this who would spread the word of the latest styles, trends and let the people know what to and what not to wear.

Behind the hustle and bustle of every day life, Leeds is home to a huge fashion scene that is discussed and documented all over the blogging world, from the latest male clothing in blogs like The Totality to blogs reviewing the most cut throat fashion shows with designers galore, A forte for fashion

A forte for fashion is a blog that gives a great deal of depth into the different aspects of the fashion industry. As the writer is from Leeds, the blog provides an insight into the fashion scene surrounding the city, giving a point of view on the latest fashion offers and any new clothing/accessory revelations that come into season. Using inspiration from both the Leeds high street and high class London fashion shows, the writer puts together different outfit designs and a detailed overview of what to wear each season. The blog also highlights the usefulness of regular shops that are not necessarily expensive or classed as ‘high fashion’, yet are relatively cheap and accessible to anyone who wants fashionable clothes for less money. “I love that you can find some bargains in supermarkets these days – no snobbery over here!”.

Memoirs of a little thing called life again is another blog giving an insight to the every day fashion life of Leeds women. This blog gives a more personal view of fashion than A forte for fashion, as the writer talks about her own style preferences, whether its her comfiest pair of joggers and a hoodie or most expensive pieces of high street fashion gear. The blog gives a more down to earth view of the industry and shares the writers favourite fashion tips and secrets.

I thought I’d share my Sunday get-up, because fortunately, or unfortunately, however you may take it, fashion bloggers don’t totter about in high heels and top-knots all of the time! Sunday is my lazy day, my favourite day of the week, to wear my comfiest, most non-fashion-blogger-uniform!

The Rosey Side is a blog that concentrates more specifically on Leeds fashion than certain others do. With posts like Warehouse talent spot Leeds highlighting the new Trinity Centre that has so long been awaited for, and how businesses in Leeds are reacting to the news of the latest fashion centre being built. With all the excitement that comes with the building of this new shopping haven, The Rosey Side gives us an insight into this new venture more so than the other blogs, along with its other quirky posts that give an alternative yet detailed look at the main trends and fashion necessities at the moment.

One of the most interesting blog posts about fashion in Leeds comes from a blog called A storm in a teacup. The post describes how an Italian Iphone app called Vivi was used in order to give some Italian inspiration when going shopping in Leeds. The writer was given a 100 pound limit from Peroni to spend whilst testing out this app, after describing the different restaurants the app took her to, she went on to share her shopping experience. The app took her to a handful of vintage and handcraft shops such as Blue Rinse (a personal favourite of mine), and others around that area. The writer then goes on to recommend the app to anyone who wants to change their usual experience when shopping in Leeds, fitting in nicely with the other fashion recommendations on the blog.

As Leeds is one of the fastest growing cities in England it is good to see the people of this fine city contributing to the fashion industry and feeding any clothing or accessory addiction with their wise words and captivating pictures. As it stands, the fashion bloggers of today are doing a great job of spreading the word of whats in and whats out, making sure that we are up to date with the latest fashion trends and styles.

Rihanna takes over London fashion week

The Bajan beauty took over London fashion week with her 120 piece collection that will be hitting River Island in just two weeks time. Whether it was actually the clothes people were interested in or Rihanna herself is another question. The clothes are bright and tight and are aggressively sexual, Martin Margiela for H&M said that ‘the Rihanna for River Island range is very recognisably River Island. What Rihanna brings is not more fashion content but personality and attitude.’ The latest British supermodels of the hour Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn were seen enjoying Rihanna’s show from a front row position, whilst other fierce looking models were dominating the catwalk in what can only be described as some of Rihanna’s recent greatest hits.